For Teachers and Workshops

If you would like to use one of my patterns for a workshop, each student and workshop instructor must purchase their own individual Cloth Habit patterns. This allows them to have the full product with a secure and unique customer download link which they can use for future reference in case of pattern loss.

Because Cloth Habit patterns are digital patterns with copyrighted files, they should not be distributed through other avenues, only through our secure download service.

You may pre-print the pattern for student use in your workshop but they should receive their own download link through one of the two methods below. Please do not sell printed patterns to students or distribute digital copies through email or other digital means.

Here are two ways this can work:

Method 1: You want to include the cost of the pattern in the workshop.

Contact us with the number of registered students. we will send you an invoice for the number of required patterns. After payment, you will receive 100% discount codes you can pass out or email to students. This allows them to download the pattern at their convenience.

Method 2: You would like students to pre-purchase the pattern as a separate cost from your workshop.

Contact us with the number of students you expect for your workshop. We will create and give you discount codes that students may use to purchase directly from


Contact Amy for more information and special pricing for workshops. Please include your shop/workshop website address in your email.