How to Work With Digital Sewing Patterns

Our patterns are delivered as zip files. Each zip file will contain several pdfs:

  • A booklet with step-by-step instructions.
  • The sewing patterns (with pattern pieces).
  • A "read me" pdf. This will contain any instructions for printing that are specific to your pattern.

download the pattern

After purchasing a Cloth Habit digital pattern, a download link will appear on your order confirmation page and you may immediately download your pattern. Save it to your computer files.

Before you download, please note that most mobile devices do not automatically unzip files and you may have trouble downloading our patterns. If you want to use an iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device, read this information first.

You'll also receive an email containing the link to your download page in case you want to download later. Your purchase gives you 5 download attempts, after which your link expires.

We cannot be responsible to offer you a new link if you lose the files or your allotted downloads have been used up, so don't forget to save to a secure place.

open and print

  1. Double-click on the zip file and a new folder will open next to it. This contains your pattern pdfs.
  2. Open your pattern in a PDF reader. I recommend Adobe Reader, which is free and provides more accurate pdf printing than browser-based pdf readers. 
  3. Make sure your print settings are set to "100%" with page scaling turned off. Some print dialogs may have an option for "Actual Size" but I recommend setting the size to "100%".
  4. Print off the first page of the pattern. It contains a test square measuring 5"x5" (12.7cm x 12.7cm). Measure the square to make sure the pattern is printing at the correct size.
  5. Now print the rest of the pattern. Note: some patterns may include a Printing Instructions PDF with a guide to printing specific pages for your desired size. You can save paper this way!

Please note that my patterns fit on both US Letter and A4 paper sizes.

tape pieces together

Your pattern booklet contains a key that shows you how a pattern needs to be assembled. Some of our patterns do not require any assembly. For instance, the Watson bra pattern has many pattern pieces that fit entirely on one printed page.

For those patterns that need to be taped, cut away the top and left borders of the pattern pieces. Assemble these pattern pieces by using glue or tape, following the assembly guide.


If you are having trouble downloading or finding your files, please check the following:

  • Are you trying to click on your download link with a mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or other smart phone?

    Zip files cannot be downloaded or opened on these mobile devices with special apps. Safari for iOS7 automatically downloads and opens zip files but it is not always clear where those files are stored, and you may lose the original zip file. Please use a computer to download and store your files.

  • Are you using Internet Explorer?

    Change your IE settings so that you can download an entire zip file. Please see this Microsoft help file for more information on how to do this.

  • Are you trying to open the pattern in editing software? (Like Microsoft Word or other other page-editing software, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)

    Our patterns must be opened with a pdf reader. Adobe Reader is free and the best! Mac Preview is another. Many browsers contain a pdf reader plugin that allow you to open, view and print from the browser but we recommend using a standalone pdf reader for the best printing results.

    Please note that our patterns cannot be opened in editing software. This is for security reasons in order to protect our copyright. This security also abides by the legal terms of service we agreed to for using using licensed fonts in our design. No part of our patterns may be edited, copied or distributed in any form.