Frequently Asked Questions

For specific details on how to print and use Cloth Habit sewing patterns, please visit this page: How to Work with Digital Sewing Patterns.

How do I download a digital pattern?
How do I open a zip file?
Can I download and print a pattern from my phone or tablet?
Help! Some of the pattern pages aren't printing.
I can't open a zip file on my phone or iPad.
Do you offer refunds?
I've noticed an error in your pattern"
May I sell your digital patterns through my shop?
May we use your pattern for a sewing workshop?
May I sell garments made from your patterns?

How do I download my digital pattern?

Once you have paid for your pattern you'll be taken immediately to a product download page. Save the zip or pdf file to your computer files. You'll also be sent an email containing your download link.

If the pattern is a pdf file, it may open directly into your browser without actually downloading it. We recommend saving the file from your browser (using File - Save As) onto your computer.

If the pattern is a zip file, most browsers will ask you where to save the file. For smartphones or tablets, please see "Can I download... from my phone or tablet?" before attempting to download a zip.

How do I open a zip file?

A zip file is a compressed document that contains several files. Once you double-click on this file, your computer will "de-compress" the zip and you will have a new folder that contains your pattern files.

For smartphones and tablets, please see the question below.

Can I download and print a pattern from my iPad or iPhone (or other phone or tablet)?

I recommend using a regular computer or laptop to safely download and store your pattern. iPads, iPhones and other tablets and smartphones are different from computers and do not have built in zip utilities or file storage systems like computers.

Unfortunately, I can't support downloading patterns onto mobile devices because of these limitations. Please don't try unless you really know what you are doing and have the necessary software!

If you are using a mobile device and click your download link but nothing happens (or you get an error), do not keep clicking on the link. Otherwise you will use up your download attempts.

    Help! Some of the pattern pages aren't printing.

    All browsers are created differently and some of them will not display or print an entire pdf. Older versions of Internet Explorer are notorious for this. Once you have saved the pdf to your computer, open and print it using a separate pdf reader, and NOT your browser. We recommend Adobe Reader. It's free!

    I can't open the zip on my phone or iPad.

    Please see the question "Can I download... from my phone or tablet?" for more information.

    Return/Refund Policy

    Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final and digital sewing patterns cannot be returned or refunded.

    What if I notice an error in your pattern?

    I work hard to ensure my patterns are accurate, thorough in their instructions and offer creative, thoughtful solutions. If you notice an error, please get in touch and I will look over it. (Also please visit our errata page to see if the error has been corrected in the most recent edition.)

    May I sell your digital patterns through my shop?

    We're sorry, but we do not offer digital patterns for resale.

    May we use your pattern for a sewing workshop?

    Of course! Please review our workshop policy on this page.

    May I sell garments made from your patterns?

    No. By purchasing a Cloth Habit pattern you agree to our terms of use. All names, logos, illustration, text and other aspects of our patterns are © Amy Chapman and Cloth Habit, LLC. Each of our sewing patterns are for personal use only, and no part may be reproduced, transmitted, or shared in any form. This applies to free digital patterns, too.

    Aside from legal copyright matters, there are simple ethical reasons for not using a home sewing pattern to sell clothes. If you are starting a clothing business and need patterns but lack pattern skills, the standard industry practice is to hire a patternmaker. Typical industry rates for pattern drafting and grading are affordable and a worthy professional investment even for a cottage business.

    However, if you buy a home sewing pattern and use it for your business, the patternmaker does not receive a fair and ethical (and industry standard) wage for his or her patternmaking work. In other words, I do not receive anywhere close to a fair wage--let alone the standard industry wage--for my services, if you buy and use one of my patterns for your clothing line. Please consider me in this matter and thank you for doing so!